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Gusau, Nigeria
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Arable Farming, Gusau, Zamfara State…

In the development of West Africa countries, Agriculture occuppies an important position. Human's dependence on agriculture is unique because it provides not only food but also ceates employment opportunities, feeds the industrial sector, as well as provides income and foreign currency through external trade.
Agriculture provides food requirements for growth, good health and increased productivity. It is very important to human existense, without it we cannot survive.
The use of agricultural land in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa is governed by a pattern of cultivation based on trial and arror and the environmental factors prevailing at a given point in time.
The system of Agriculture Production is grouped into main classes:

Subsistence Agriculture
Commercial or Estate Farming

As a religious and as one who studeid "Crop Production", my Congregation under the leadership of present Prioress General, Sr Faustina Jimoh, OP assinged me to practice what I studied in our community in Gusau. My main concern is for the production of "food stuff" meant primarily for consumption with no intention for exporting our products nor its surplus for now. With time, I hope to combine this "Arable Farming" with Livestock and establisnment of a Plantation.

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