Dominican Sisters of St Catherine of Siena
Gusau, Nigeria
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Origin & Charism

As women inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit of St. Dominic De Guzmaan, we are called by the Holy Spirit to this Congregation to:

  • contemplate truth,
  • to share the fruit of this contemplation with others,
  • to be a Christian Presence in our society and,
  • to witness to the freedom of the children of God by
    • our Joy,
    • our simplicity and the
    • hospitality of our lives.  

As Dominican women, entrusted with the mission of Jesus to preach the Good News, we commit ourselves to meeting the challenges of an ever-chaanging and developing African Society. As preachers of Truth, we seek to incarnate the Word of God in our time and culture, ministering in solidarity with and selfless service to all persons, confronting the structures of injustice which oppress and discriminate against them.

Faithful to our Dominican Trdition, we call one another to personal  transformation and authentic preaching by 

  •  actively paricipating in reflective study,
  •  encouraging understanding of and dialoguing with people of different faiths and tribes
  •  initiating and promoting ways to support and care for the spiritually, morally and economically depraved youth;
  •  building communities which nurture and nourish relationships of truth, unity, and justice.

Ever mindful of our need for God, we rely on  the Spirit as the source of our spiritual strength so that we may participate more intimately and effectively in the life of the church.

We strive to live in the light and love of Christ, seeing all of creation as He sees it, and loving it as He loves it.

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Dominican Sisters of St Catherine of Siena, Gusau, Nigeria.